How to Follow to Share Tweets on Facebook in 2023

by Claire Berry

Twitter has taken over as the social media platform with the most trending gist on the internet. It is also a platform where you'll find professionals sharing ideas and strategies on several topics/issues. To cap it, it is a platform where you'll get to engage closer with athletes, celebrities, and top government officials.

Due to how entertaining and informative Twitter can be, you will see people seeking ways to share tweets on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

In this article, our focus will be on steps to follow to share tweets on Facebook.

If you've been looking for a guide on how to do this for ages, then this is your lucky day.

Benefits of Social Media Platforms - Link

Benefits of Social Media Platforms
Benefits of Social Media Platforms

It is common knowledge that Facebook and Twitter are the most used social media platforms on the internet. These channels gives internet users access to;

  • Share personal life experience.
  • Build and promote personal brand.
  • Keep up to date with trending gist.
  • Advertise products and services.
  • Make researches and learn new skills.
  • Make money as Social Media Influencers.

Sharing tweets on Facebook needs authorization. As an active user of both social media platforms, sharing contents between both platforms can be difficult. Therefore, we've come up with tips that will make it easy to just share contents from twitter directly to your Facebook.

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Stages on How to Share Tweets on Facebook

If you are one of those with accounts on both platforms, you can easily share tweets on your Facebook page by following the steps in this guide.

STAGE 1 : Login Your Twitter Profile

The first thing you need to do to share a tweet on Facebook is to Login your Twitter profile with your login details. You can do this on any device either by visiting the twitter site on a web browser or using the mobile app.

You can download the mobile app on Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

STAGE 2 : Click on Profile Menu Option

Once your account is signed in, go ahead to select your profile. A drop down menu of your profile is displayed on the left part of your screen. Locate Settings from this menu option.

STAGE 3 : Open Your Profile Settings

From the menu display on your profile, you will see several options. Click on Settings and connect from the menu displayed.

STAGE 4 : Click the Facebook Icon

Scroll down to find Facebook icon and click on it. This will redirect you to another window where you can connect to Facebook.

STAGE 5 : Connect Your Twitter Account to Your Facebook Account

After clicking the Facebook icon and a new window displays, you will see the option that allows you post your tweets to Facebook. Go ahead to sign in with your FB login details to connect both accounts.

Your Facebook profile name and picture will display instead if you've initially signed in your Facebook account. So, select okay to proceed.

You can "Switch User" at the top right corner to proceed with a different Facebook profile.

STAGE 6 : Approve the Prompt Message from Facebook to Continue

Once you click "Okay" to proceed, you will immediately get a message from Facebook requesting for your approval to share your Facebook information with Twitter. This is to review the personal Facebook information you want to share with Twitter. So, click "Continue" to approve the prompt message.

STAGE 7 : Customize Your Privacy Settings

This is the stage where you will get to decide who will have access to your tweets. The audience selector tab will help you filter those that can view your tweets. You can select the default if you want.

Then decide to choose if you want to "Allow" your tweets to show always on your profile. You can also choose the "Skip" option.

STAGE 8 : Select "Log-In-With-Facebook" Option

After clicking "Allow" your Twitter avatar will be displayed on the page. It shows that the connection is approved.

STAGE 9 : Connect Facebook and Twitter Successfully

Once the previous stage is approved, both accounts will successfully connect.

STAGE 10 : Enjoy Sharing Tweets on Your Facebook Account

Once these process is complete, you can start sharing contents from your twitter account on your Facebook. It's a quite straight forward process.

The stages explained so far are mainly for sharing all your personal tweets on Facebook but there are situations where you see interesting posts on your twitter timeline and you just feel like sharing with your friends on Facebook. It might be a single tweet or an interesting retweet from someone.

How do you go about this? It's pretty much simple.

So let's look at the stages involved.

How to Share Single Tweet on Your Facebook Page

You can share tweets on your Facebook by following these steps

STAGE 1 : Sign In your Twitter Profile

The first thing to do is to log in your Twitter account with your username and password.

STAGE 2 : Highlight the Tweet You Want to Send to Facebook

The most important thing is to note the particular tweet you plan to send from your timeline. This is crucial because you don't want to send a wrong tweet to your Facebook audience.

STAGE 3 : Select "Copy Tweet Link" Option

Select the "Copy Tweet Link" option from the Share Tweet menu. The link to the tweet you want to share will then be copied to your clipboard. There is an option to Embed Tweet which is useful for sharing tweets on blogs.

STAGE 4 : Copy the Tweet Hyperlink

Copy the tweet hyperlink you selected from the window displayed.

STAGE 5 : Login into Facebook to Prepare a New Content

Once you copy the tweet hyperlink, visit Facebook and log in with your UN and PW. Then prepare a new content from your profile or page and share.

STAGE 6 : Post the Hyperlink of the Tweet and Update Your Status

Use the hyperlink and update your status. Once you do this, the tweet preview will display. Then publish it.

If you follow these steps, the tweet you want to share will come up on your Facebook page, group or fan page for your follows to see. They can then like it and share their comments.

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How to Share Tweets Privately

You can decide to share your tweets privately if you wish to. There are several means through which you can share tweets privately.

Share Tweets through SMS

If you want to share tweets through SMS, locate the particular tweet you'll like to share on your timeline and select "share button" attached to the tweet. Go ahead to select "Copy-link-to-Tweet".

The hyperlink of the tweet will be automatically copied to the clipboard. Open your contact list or address book on your device and select the contact you wish to share with.

Share Tweets through E-mail

Follow the steps above to share tweets through email. You will need to open your email list instead of contact list and select the email address you wish to share the tweet with and send. It's a straightforward process.

Share Tweets through Direct Message

To share tweets through Direct Message, highlight the tweet you want to share from your timeline and click the message option. From the pop up menu, input the handle of the account you want to send the tweet to or select from a list of tweeps you interact with frequently. Go ahead to select the "Next" tab and add a comment to the tweet. Then select "Send" and that's it.


Facebook's decision to block third party apps from sharing contents on its platform has made it difficult to share tweets automatically. Follow this step by step guide to learn how to link your Twitter account to Facebook manually. If you ever get tired of sharing your tweets on Facebook, you can always disconnect both accounts. Simply go to your profile settings and disconnect both accounts.

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