Sustainable fashion is

more than a movement

It's a story

INspired by the future
& Informed by the past

It’s about connecting to and cherishing your clothing. It’s about knowing
where your clothing is made, who made it, how it’s made and what it’s made
of. It’s about shopping your values without compromising your style.

When you can tell these stories with pride, that is when you have joined the
sustainable fashion revolution.


Modavanti is committed to leading the growing movement towards greater sustainability in fashion and bringing you beautiful sustainable fashion from top designers. Even though the industry has made considerable progress in adopting a more sustainable outlook, there is not yet an accepted definition covering all aspects of sustainability.

Understanding this challenge, Modavanti has established a unique badge system that makes it clear to customers how and why the item they are buying is eco-friendly and ethically sourced. To be part of Modavanti each brand must have at least one badge. This badge system promotes what we at Modavanti feel are the main aspects of sustainability.
Read more about our commitment to transparency:

Our Modavanti Sustainable Threshold.