Our Sustainability Threshold

At Modavanti we understand the complicated and changing nature of sustainability in fashion. We also realize that fashion as an industry is inherently unsustainable. That said, we pride ourselves on a commitment to upholding workers’ rights, protecting the environment and advancing social good. When new materials are developed or old ones are challenged, we promise to be as thorough and transparent as possible in deliberating as to the merits of their sustainability. As a requirement of doing business with Modavanti, designers must, at the very least, comply with the conditions listed below.

Our sustainability standards: We developed our badge system to allow you to shop your values with the knowledge that you are can confidently wear what you believe in. Each badge represents a component of what we feel are the two main hallmarks of sustainable fashion; ethical labor and environmental stewardship. By awarding our designers a badge, we are recognizing the steps they have taken to shape a more beautiful world. We are not however, a governing body third-party certifier. We would like to be but we are a young startup. In the interim we do our best to work with other experts in our field and the designers themselves to fully understand the supply chains of the brands we work with. The badges represent our assurance that our brands embody the spirit and fulfill the requirements of the badges that we given them."

Ethical Labor

  1. Compliance with the Law:

    Designers must be in full compliance with all of the laws, rules and regulations applicable to the manufacturing of products, the facilities and all worker accommodations in the host countries, including the USA, in which the materials are sourced and the products made.

  2. No Child Labor:

    All workers involved in the production of merchandise for designers must be at least 14 years of age.

  3. No Forced or Compulsory Labor:

    All workers employed by designers must be voluntarily employed.

  4. Nondiscrimination:

    The hiring of all employees must be based solely on the prospective worker’s ability to perform the required tasks of the job and may not be based in any way on gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, political affiliation or membership with a union.

  5. Minimum Wages, Hours and Benefits:

    Designers must comply with all national laws regarding minimum wage, overtime, hours and benefits.

  6. Employee Health and Safety:

    Designers guarantee that workers are provided safe and healthy working conditions in accordance with local laws.

Environmental Preservation

  1. Environmental Protection:

    Designers must comply with the host country’s environmental rules and regulations. They must also maintain procedures for notifying local authorities in the event of an environmental accident resulting from their operations.

  2. Pollution

    Designers found to have caused egregious pollution in the manufacturing of their products - such as the use of harmful dyes, dumping of chemical materials or sewage into rivers and landfills - will not be allowed to remain on our site.

  3. Waste

    Designers must not engage in wasteful production habits. Products must be made without creating an excessive amount of overstock merchandise. Brands must also be mindful of the amount of material used in the production process and work to maximize the value of their fabrics.

Prior to being introduced on the site, designers must submit information regarding their sourcing and labor practices for Modavanti to review. A brand that does not meet our principles will not be sold on our site. Should information come to light that one of our designers has failed to live up to its responsibilities, Modavanti will cease to do business with that brand. As Modavanti grows, we plan to institute a brand partner compliance program that will ensure our brands are monitored by a team of sustainability experts.