Best Free Movie Sites to Watch Movies Online Free in 2023

by Claire Berry

You probably wondered about what to do during this period of Covid-19. Not to worry, watching films can help run downtime as we await the dissolution of the virus. Watching films online is quite convenient and easy to watch from the comfort of your home. And yes, there are plenty of sites where you can stream movies for free. We would discuss websites that are free from viruses and are in the legal constraint.

Best Free Movie Sites to Watch Movies Online in 2023

The following sites are sites you can visit and watch movies for free.

Crackle - Movie Site Link

Pros of Using Crackle

· It has a wide selection of movie database.

· They offer quality videos.

· They offer lots of video player options.

It's completely free to use

· They offer quality subtitle support available.

· Bonus feature - You can save later to watch

Cons of Using Crackle

· Ads may be an inconvenience to users.

· You cant properly sort out films by popularity.

· They update their content every 30days. Which can be annoying because you might wait for 30days to enjoy your favorite series.

Review on Crackle

This is one of the best online sites to watch movies. It's a site with over 200million users. A site owned by the very popular Sony pictures. They show popular big-name film that has the most popular stars in the world. They provide high-quality movies that look amazing on any device you watch it on. Bar the ads they show, they offer movies that will blow your mind. It's one of the most standout online streaming site.

They offer services like save layer feature, creation of playlist, and quality subtitles. They have an impressive TV show list, which you can watch for over a long period.

Other features include Simple and User-Friendly apps. Slick and Nice design. Very easy to navigate around. The movie streams are usually found on the front-page. Easy sorting out of movies.

Download App -



Popcornflix - Free Movie Site


Pros of using Popcornflix

· They offer a video player, that plays all kind of videos.

· You can make fun GIFs from scenes of videos/movies you watch

· Offers feature like making comments that are usually attached to specific parts of the movie.

· They have a kids section in which kids can stream safe movies.

Cons of using Popcornflix

· There is not option for subtitles

· Video quality not as good as Crackle

Review on Popcornflix

Another great site to watch movies online for free. They are always having a stable flow of new and exciting movies. These movies they get from the Screen Media Ventures, which is good news for users. That means, more new movies everyday for you to watch. They have a large database for movies that contains various genres. Genres Luke comedy, horror, action, family, documentary, foreign movies etc. They also feature nice original movies.

One great thing about using Popcornflix is that you don't need to register. No account is needed to start streaming your favorite movies. Just visit the site and choose you favorite movie. Starr streaming with popcorn right by your side.

Download -



Popcorn Time - Free Movie Link

Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time

Pros about Popcorn Time

· The site offers support on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Linux.

· They offer the best quality subtitle support. This is due to the site offering foreign movies.

· They support Smart TV connection.

Cons about Popcorn Time

· Occasionally crashes as you make use of the app. This is due to the bug involved, in which they are improving on.

Review on Popcorn Time

Welcome to the Bestman in town. Popularly called the King of Movies, when it comes to streaming. Back then, no streaming site could come close to the site. Its competitions were seriously lagging behind. But now, times have changed and scenarios have changed. It's one of the oldest movie streaming site currently available online for movie watchers.

With its simple, slick and user friendly design. Quite easy to use and navigate around. They have a large database of movie contents. It's one the best app, you won't regret trying out.

Download -


Yidio - Movie Site Link


Pros of using Yidio

· The site is well sectioned for users to search for movies.

· Films can easily be filtered out and favorite movies found quickly.

· Large database for their movie content.

· They also provide a service, where you can find places to rent and buy movie.

· They make use of RottenTomato scores for their movie ratings

Cons of using Yidio

· Its not completely free as some movies require payment.

· Another big con is, not all movies are streamed directly from Yidio. Users might be directed to other sites to watch movies.

· Ads can be a very big inconvenience as they include ads in videos.

· Video quality is not one of a strong point of the site.

Review on Yidio

Another great site which has plenty categories for various genres of movies you can watch. One of the sections is dedicated for free online movies for users. One unique feature about Yidio is quite simple. They offer a search engine which can be used to search for free movies. And where to watch them as a user.

The user interface is slick and easy to navigate. Its easy to sort out films that might interest you as a user by genres. They have genres like TV Movie, Family, Western, Suspense, Special Interest, Classics, and Animations.

Newly added movies that are free to access by users are usually found in their own section.

Download -



Megabox HD - Movie Website URL

Megabox HD
Megabox HD

Pros about Megabox HD

· The streaming is smooth and enjoyable

· The design layout is quite simple for users. It can be designed well for easy navigation.

· They offer a database for movies.

· They offer free download to users and you don't need any subscription.

Cons about Megabox HD

· There are no unique standout features about it.

· It is only available on Android platform.

Review on Megabox HD

This is one of the best app out there. Its an app, available only on Android-only. It's one of the best alternative apps go try out, when you have tried others. It offers video quality in HD quality pictures. It does give user much room to select the kind of quality you want to play. So you can pick lower resolution for the movie you want to watch. It doesn't have any special feature to distinct from other types of site.

Download -


YouTube - Movie Site Link


Pros about using YouTube

· They offer free movies usually hosted by the official channel of YouTube.

· Movies are usually rated by viewers, giving you an idea of what to expect.

· You can leave comments as viewers about a movie below it.

Cons about using YouTube

· Its excruciating hard to find free movies on this site.

· Most movies shown by this site is not in HD quality.

· Movies are usually taken down without any prior notice on this site. So a movie you might have seen in the morning, might not be there at night.

Our Review on YouTube

Prior to various myth, YouTube isn't just any site you watch clips of cats playing pianos or latest trailers of movies. They actually show movies online. And they have added a new feature where you can rent movies. They also show movies for free, you don't need to subscribe to watch any movie.

You can get new and popular movies on YouTube. They are accessible from the various sections of YouTube. The site is simple and has a user friendly interface. They have various genres you can easily browse through and watch movies for free.

Stremio - Free Movie Site


Pros about Stremio

· They provide various sources for streaming online movies.

· They provide high quality subtitle support for viewers.

· They offer Chromecast support for viewers.

· They provide viewers with notifications on your latest new episodes of TV shows and movies.

· Users can install the apk on their mobile device.

Cons about Stremio

· Users are not required to signup. Before enjoying access to free movies.

This is what you have been searching all the net for as a viewer. Its a bit different from other sites listed above this section. It organises legit streams for it's users. The app goes around the net for you. Collects all legal streams under its own app, just to make it easy for its users to access. They have a very simple and user friendly interface, which is easy to navigate. They have a large database of movies, which is endless when you stream them. You can add your movies to the app and use the app video player to play your local movies.

Download -



In conclusion

It's quite easy to stream movies from the listed above sites all for free. Users are allowed to download movies for free with the listed above site. These movies can be watched offline, even without connecting to the internet.

Though there are other sites that stream movies. But they are not free, as you have to subscribe to enjoy these features. Sites like Hulu and Netflix, but you can ask for account details from friends and family. And you will enjoy free access to the site, with their login details.

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