Best Ping pong paddle for Advanced Players

by Claire Berry

Table tennis is an amazing game that is played in different parts of the world. The game is featured in many sports competitions. Hence, it continuously attracts the attention of both young and middle-aged people.

The players of the game are divided into three major categories - which are the beginners, intermediate, and advanced. In any competition, advanced players feature to make money and win medals. Many people have also adopted the game as their means of livelihood. To excel in the game of table tennis, you need a good paddle for your game. Nowadays, many companies consistently produce ping pong paddles to improve on the features of those in use. The increased number of ping pong paddles in the market is a source of confusion for advanced players and those that have taken their game to the advanced level. Therefore, today, I will be telling you the best ping pong paddle you can use as an advanced player.


Paddles comprise four separate parts and its crucial to understand how every part influences play to aid in purchasing the best paddle that fits your playing pattern and level of experience. These parts are the blade, sponge, handle and the rubber sheet. In this section, I will discuss the parts of the paddle and how it influences your play.

1. The Blade

The blade of the paddle is designed from many layers of wood anywhere from five to nine. The better the layers on the bat, the stiffer it becomes. High quality blades are often made from balsa wood which accounts for their lightweight feature. They comprise a few layers of carbon fiber rather than wood which makes the blade tough but light.

2. The Sponge

Lying amidst the paddle blade and the rubber is a coating of sponge with a thickness that ranges from 1.2-2.5 mm. The thinner it is, the greater control available to you but the force generated upon hitting the ball becomes lesser. The thicker the sponge, the lesser the control but you'll be able to make increased high power shots. Because of this, a thicker sponge is liked by very offensive players.

3. The Handle

The handle of paddles exist in 3 varying shapes based on your choice and how you choose to hold it. These are Anatomic, Flared and Straight. Anatomic Handles: Anatomic handles are wider at the center, fits in your palm and offers more stability.

  • FlaredHandles

Flared handles are of no doubt the most renowned type of racket handle. They are wider at the end of the handle to prevent slippage from your hand and aids in providing increased control upon hitting the ball.

  • Straight Handles

Straight handles have the same dimension right from the top to the base and allow players to switch how the handle is grapped according to their playing style. For new players who want the best handle shape, it's often recommended you begin using a paddle with a Flared handle. Later on, you can test other grips and see best fits you.

4. The Rubber

On both edges of the blade, at the top of the sponge, a layer of rubber establishes contact with the ball and this layer has many variations from long or tiny pimples or the ones that face in or out. These differences in the rubber sheet can influence your grip and the amount of spin you can make. Rubber has to attain a particular standard before they can come into play at official tournaments. If they are within this standard, an ITTF approved label will be placed on them so you'll know they are in good condition.

Summary of Best Ping pong paddle for Advanced Players

Summary of Best Ping pong paddle for Advanced Players
Summary of Best Ping pong paddle for Advanced Players

The table below highlights the features of the best ping pong paddles for advanced players.

Ping Pong PaddlesFeatures
Killerspin Jet 800
  1. It has a speed rating of 9.5, spin rating of 9.0 and 8.0 ball control rating.
  2. It is a formidable racket for offensive players.
  3. It helps players to generate high power when playing the game.
  4. It is ITTF-approved.
Stiga Tournament Titan
  1. It is lightweight.
  2. If offers great spin and control.
  3. It is comfortable to grip.
Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Pro-Line
  1. Its blade weighs nearly 86 to 89 grams.
  2. It has a 5.5mm thickness.
  3. It is made with Tenergy rubber.
  4. Players can use it to control the ball from any angle.
Killerspin Jet 200
  1. It has a ball control rating of 8.5.
  2. It has slightly high speed and spin rating.
  3. It is not approved by ITTF.
  4. It is affordable and offers excellent services to its users.
Elite Topspin Professional 4
  1. Players enjoy their game with good control and improved feel.
  2. It is very sturdy and light in weight.
Palio Expert 2.0
  1. It is ITTF-approved.
  2. It offers an excellent ball control and spin rating.

Ping Pong Paddle for Advanced Players

1. The Killlerspin Jet 800

The Killerspin Jet 800 has a speed rating of 9.5, spin rating of 9.0 and 8.0 ball control rating. It's 7 ply blade features five wood layers in addition to two carbon layers to perform at lightweight competitions and provide maximum power. The paddle's Nitrx-4Z rubber has a 2.0mm sponge, the bat itself is ITTF approved and is pre-designed remarkably. It's rubber is well-renowned, offers a fantastic grip that helps you counter services from your opponent, is convenient in control and creates so much spin when the ball is hit. Killerspin Jet 800 has a lovely design and it is probably one of the most appealing table tennis paddles you will love to use. It consists of a flared grip that is very comfy when held and a burnt wood. It is a formidable racket, a remarkable choice for offensive players who at times have to generate a lot of power and it is highly recommended for advanced players.

2. Stiga Tournament Titan

Stiga Tournament Titan paddle is a fantastic racket that is ITTF approved. It's light blade has five-plywood and it offers great spin and control. The racket is very light and much comfortable in grip. To improve your game while using Stiga Tournament Titan, you need to incorporate more spin and improve your styles. It is far more durable than other less expensive paddles making it fantastic for seasoned players and recommended for those who want to experience the feeling of the Stiga blade.

3. Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Pro-Line

Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Pro-Line
Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Pro-Line

This racket is the improved version of the Zhang Jike Box Set and it is expensive. Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Pro-Line is recommended and has a very fantastic blade for seasoned players. Its blade weighs nearly 86 to 89 grams, has a 5.5mm thickness and the handle size is 100 by 25mm. It is set up professionally and has a flared grip. The paddle is made with one of the finest rubbers called Tenergy 64 2.1mm Red and Black. It offers a lower throw angle, that is built mainly for accurate attacking and was assembled manually at a factory in the United States with the aid of Free Chack Glue. Those seeking a sturdy and light paddle will find it ideal as it offers a formidable attack from all angles. The paddle's carbon blade is swift and powerful.

4. Killerspin Jet 200

Killerspin Jet 200
Killerspin Jet 200

Killerspin Jet 200 has a speed rating of 6.0, a spin rating of 7.0 and a ball control rating of 8.5. It features very light 5 ply layers of wood, a flared grip but cannot be employed at official tournaments as it is not ITTF approved. It doesn't have the greatest punch but has remarkable control and is recommended for those whose pockets are tight and can't afford to incur any kind of expense. Killerspin Jet 200 is a high quality racket that will enable you to grasp the fundamentals of tennis.

5. Elite Topspin Professional 4

This ping pong paddle is best fit for the family environment and includes 8-Tournament, 3-Star Balls, 4 High quality Wood paddles and a handy storage bag with protected mesh areas so it can be taken for travels. Elite Topspin Professional 4's blade is a swift 7-ply all wood type, improving it's lifespan in addition to a sponge, 2.0mm in width that offers increased control and improved feel. The paddle's rubber experiences little wear, has a protective film added to it to conserve it's neatness and stickiness and the racket itself is of extreme value. It has a well-fitting grip and Elite Topspin Professional 4 is very sturdy, has a beautiful case, light in weight, and doesn't feel comfortable after being used to play.

6. Palio Expert 2.0 Paddle

Palio Expert has a 6.0 speed rating, spin rating of 9.0 and 10.0 ball control rating. It's rubbers are Palio CJ8000 brands and the racket has a 2mm sponge. You can use the paddle in ITTF organized competitions because it is approved by the organization. This remarkable ping pong paddle was built from the joint efforts of Expert Table Tennis and a Chinese Company known as Palio. They came together to build a splendid array of rackets for advanced players.

Wrap Up

A good ping pong paddle is of high necessity to advanced players that desire to excel in the table tennis game. Today, I have discussed the best ping pong paddles you can purchase as an advanced beginner. Happy reading!

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