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About Us

We're a team of dreamers, believers and friends. Some of us have known each other for years. Others have just recently joined our family. One of us is gay, one of us is a mom, one of us hails from the land down under (yep, he's Australian) and one of us is a sports fan from the Midwest.  We have incredible student interns on the team too. We're all travelers and explorers. Before Modavanti we worked in Cairo, Cambodia, Ghana, Tunisia and New Orleans. We speak French, Arabic, Spanish and Aussie.  Some of us are from California, Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin, Connecticut. 
And yet, with such incredibly diverse backgrounds we've come together around a common goal and shared vision: that fashion can have a positive impact. If what we wear is such a part of our identity and how we see ourselves, why shouldn't our clothes represent what we believe in?  We should never compromise our style for our values or our values for style. 
What we wear can and should be good for us, good for others and good for the world.  
Most people don't realize that the textile industry is the second dirtiest industry in the planet. That's crazy. And sickening. And wrong. So we are doing our part to change it. 
We started Modavanti because there was no site where we could go find clothing, cosmetics and home goods that fit our values and represented our style, and as conscious consumers we wanted that. The research in determining how and where something is made can be overwhelming yet we are doing it. We created a badge system that does the work for you. 
We’ve come from all different walks of life to join forces because we are committed to social enterprise and believe passionately that profit and progress should go hand-in-hand. We believe in the power of our generation to change the world through sustainable fashion, and hope that you will join us in creating a life consciously styled.