How to Cancel Amazon Music?

by Claire Berry

Already subscribed to Amazon Music but feel the services provided is not worth the hype or money? If yes, we got the best solution for you right here.

Cancelling Amazon Music subscription requires following some preset crucial steps and we will give a full explanation of how to go about it. There are different methods to cancel Amazon Music but before going into that, we will quickly discuss everything you need to know about Amazon Music.

Everything to Know about Amazon Music

Launched on the 25 of September 2007, Amazon Music is Amazon's music streaming platform. The platform also serves as one of the biggest online music stores. Amazon Music became the first online music store that sells songs without any digital rights management in 2008. All the music sold was from many independent labels as well as the top four major labels.

One major difference between Amazon Music and many other music stores is that most of the songs available do not have DRM or any watermarking. The only major con with Amazons Music is that the songs are not available for purchase in all countries. This is because of the Licensing agreements between Amazon and the recording companies or labels.

Amazon Music Unlimited subscription gives you access to songs on Amazon store which you can listen to through the Amazon Music app, Alexa or any Amazon echo speaker. There are currently over 10 million subscribers which are a testament to how quality the service is. Amazon music has over 50 million songs all of which you can stream anytime you want on any device with an internet connection. Asides streaming, you can also download any playlist you create for offline use.

However, Amazon Music is not for everyone and this can be attributed to various reasons. One of the major talking points, of course, is the cost of the subscription. The monthly subscription package is not at all cheap especially if you do not have an Amazon Prime subscription. For those with Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Music subscription costs $7.99 every month. On the other hand, those with no Amazon Prime membership have to pay $9.99 each month. There is also another plan where up to six devices can use the same subscription but it costs $14.99 each month. Though it sounds like a good option, it is expensive if other connected devices rarely access the service.

Another reason is that you already found another music streaming app better than the Amazon Music app.

Regardless of the reason you want to cancel Amazon Music subscriptions, below are the ways you can do so.

How to cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription?

To be honest, you only need one method to cancel your subscription. The only reason there are different methods is that we want to work you through how to do it on all popular streaming devices you might be using. That way, you can easily cancel your subscription on the device you frequently access Amazon music with.

1. How to cancel Amazon Music On PC?

Canceling Amazon subscription on PC is the easiest and fastest method to use. Below are the steps to follows:

Step 1. : Visit the official Amazon website on your PC browser. You can also search Amazon as a keyword on google.

Step 2. : Enter your login details if you are not signed in already and click the button that reads Login.

How to cancel Amazon Music On PC?
How to cancel Amazon Music On PC?

Step 3. : Once your account is logged in, select the Accounts & Lists option. A drop-down menu should appear.

How to cancel Amazon Music On PC?
How to cancel Amazon Music On PC?

Step 4. : From the list of options on the menu, chose the tab that reads Your Music Subscription

Step 5. : Now, navigate back to your Amazon Music Settings

Step 6. : Scroll through the list of options until you find Subscription Renewal

Step 7. : This will show a new set of options. Simply select the Cancel Subscription button. You will find the button at the top left corner of the webpage.

How to cancel Amazon Music On PC?
How to cancel Amazon Music On PC?

Step 8. : Before the Subscription is canceled, you have to provide the reason you want to cancel your subscription. You have to select from a list of reasons. The good news is that you do not even have to. There is an option on the page close to the list of options where you can select not to provide feedback.

How to cancel Amazon Music On PC?
How to cancel Amazon Music On PC?

Step 9. : At the bottom of the page, you should see a button with Confirm Cancellation written on it.

This is the easiest and fastest way to cancel your Amazon Music subscription. However, if you use your smartphone to access Amazon Music, we have discussed the methods involved in the methods below.

2. How to Cancel Amazon Music on the Android app?

Amazon Music offers a free trial package to new users so they can enjoy the services for free. This free trial can be enjoyed on the Amazon music app. Not canceling the subscription even the free trial duration is over means you are okay with Amazon charging you for the service. However, if you are a free trial user or already an Amazon Music subscriber and looking for a way to cancel your subscription on your android device, below are the steps to take.

Step 1.: Tap on the Amazon Music app on your android device

Step 2.: Enter your login credentials if you are not signed in already.

Step 3.: Next, tap on the gear icon to access the settings menu. The gear icon should be at the left-hand corner of your screen.

Step 4.: Next, click Music Settings option from the list of options on the menu

Step 5. Click the Cancel Subscription option which should be under the Subscription renewal section. Now, you need to select the reason you do not want to continue using Amazon Music. Submit your reason and tap on Confirm Cancellation. This will instantly cancel your Amazon Music subscription.

3. How to cancel Amazon Music on Amazon app?

Wondering how to cancel your Amazon Music subscription from the Amazon app itself? We got you covered!

Step 1.: Open the Amazon app and enter your Amazon ID and credentials to log in

How to cancel Amazon Music on Amazon app?
How to cancel Amazon Music on Amazon app?

Step 2.: There are three horizontal lines at the top left-hand corner of your screen. This will open a list of options.

Step 3.: Select Account Settings and tap the Amazon Music Settings option

Step 4.: Tap on the visible link on the screen which would take you to another page where you can sign in to your Amazon Music account.

How to cancel Amazon Music on Amazon app?
How to cancel Amazon Music on Amazon app?

Step 5.: Scroll down the list of tabs till you see Subscription Renewal and you should see an option that reads Cancel Subscription.

Step 6.: Provide feedback of why you want to unsubscribe from Amazon Music and submit

How to cancel Amazon Music on Amazon app?
How to cancel Amazon Music on Amazon app?

Step 7.Lastly, Confirm Cancellation.

4. How to cancel Amazon Music using your linked iTunes account?

There is no defined way to cancel Amazon Subscription on iPhones. However, if you linked your Apple iTunes ID to your Amazon Music account, you can cancel your subscription using your iPhone or Mac computer

Step 1.: Open iTunes on your Mac or iPhone and enter your Apple ID and password to sign in to your account. If you are already signed in, skip to the next step.

Step 2.: Select Account Menu which should be at the top right-hand corner of your screen

Step 3.: Select Settings and scroll till you see a Manage button. This button will be at the end of all the services you are subscribed to with your iTunes account.

Step 4.: Scroll till you see Amazon Music and tap on Edit beside it.

Step 5.: Details of your Amazon subscription should now be on screen. Alongside these details should be Cancel Subscription option Select it and a pop-up window asking you to confirm your selection would be onscreen. Confirm your cancellation and you are good to go.

How to download music from Amazon Music for free?

Already canceled your Amazon Music subscription but long for music you already had in your Playlist on your account? We got the steps for you.

Once your Amazon Music subscription expires, Amazon automatically greys out your playlist and you also lose access to every music you saved for offline use. There is two working software you can use to get the music you already saved before you canceled your Amazon subscription.

METHOD 1: Download songs using Google

Various websites let you download songs and albums for free. All you have to do is enter the name of the album or song you want to download and search using Google. You can then select from the top 3 websites to download the song. This way, you do not have to worry about having an Amazon Music subscription or not.

Method 2: Download Amazon Music using Wondershare or Tunepat Converter

Wondershare is very unique recording software that lets you record music from your laptop or computer. The software also has the features that let it combine music files with other song information like artist, genre, and the likes. it can be used to record songs from Spotify, and iTunes Radio as well. Here's how:

1. Download Wondershare exe file and install on your Computer

2. Launch the Wondershare desktop app

3. At the top right-hand corner of the screen is a Record Button

4. Now visit the Amazon Music website and play any song of your choice. Once the track stops playing, stop the recording and name the audio file accordingly. Now you can play the song for free even without having a subscription

NOTE: Using Wondershare or any other software like Tunepat Converter only works when you still have your Amazon subscription.


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