How to Cancel DirecTV Subscription?

by Claire Berry

Entertainment is one of the greatest industries that has attracted the interest of people from different parts of the world. In the past, people watched videos by rent or purchase from physical stores. This limited the access of entertainment freaked individuals to their favorite TV episodes, movies, music, and many more.

Nowadays, different platforms have been introduced to offer direct broadcast of entertainment content to all and sundry. However, many of the platforms come at a cost - meaning that you will need to subscribe before you can access their services. One of the excellent platforms that provide direct broadcast satellite services to their users is DirecTV. Despite the exciting services offered by DirecTV, some subscribers decide to cancel their subscription for reasons best known to them. People that subscribe to DirecTV and also wish to cancel their subscription sometimes find it challenging to effect the cancellation. However, the methods to cancel subscriptions on DirecTV are simple and straightforward for the vast majority of existing subscribers. If you are new to the platform or you are attempting to cancel your subscription for the first time, you can follow this content strictly because you will find it helpful. With that said, today, I will be telling you the simple methods to cancel your DirecTV subscription effortlessly.

About DirecTV

About DirecTV

DirecTV is an amazing and famous AT&T subsidiary created to offer entertainment freaked individuals direct broadcast satellite services. DirecTV is an American network that is rising to serve as a perfect alternative to the common mainstream television services. The incredible platform is designed to provide quality services and exciting features to its subscribers. Through the platform, you can watch fantastic sports channels like NBA, ESPN, NFL, and many more. It also has different channels through which you can watch the latest news seamlessly. DirecTV has channels focused on movies, music, and shows. Hence, if you are an entertainment freaked person, you will find DirecTV useful. It has different subscription packages to offer its customers. With $64.99 per month, you can access more than 160 channels seamlessly. This subscription is called the Entertainment package. It also has the Premier package that costs $134 per month. When you subscribe to the Premium package, you will have access to watching more than 330 channels including HBO Max.

Summary Vital Information about DirecTV

The table below summarizes the vital information you should know about DirecTV.

Date of establishmentJune 17, 1994
HeadquartersCalifornia, United States.
Areas covered
  1. Latin America
  2. United States
  3. Caribbean
  1. AT&T Inc

Canceling Your DirecTV Subscription Plans

CancelingYour DirecTV Subscription Plans
Canceling Your DirecTV Subscription Plans

DirecTV is designed to add adventure to your day when you subscribe to its services. However, its fantastic satellite services do not discourage people from canceling their subscriptions when the need arises. You can decide to cancel your DirecTV subscription because you are moving to another location or country. It may also be that you are switching to other OTT apps or Hulu. Irrespective of your reasons for deciding to cancel your DirecTV subscription, you need to have a guide that will tutor you on the best methods to follow.

What You Should Know Before Canceling Your DirecTV Subscription

WhatYou Should Know Before Canceling Your DirecTV Subscription
What You Should Know Before Canceling Your DirecTV Subscription

Before you proceed to cancel your membership on DirecTV, there is some important information you must know. In this section, I will tell you the basic information you should know before canceling your subscription.

1. Cancellation does not happen immediately: When you take the right channel to cancel your DirecTV subscription, you need to exercise some patience. This is because the cancellation takes three to five business days before it is ratified. Hence, you must cancel your subscription before the holidays to avoid a lengthy period of cancellation.

2. Validate the Account Name: Before canceling your DirecTV membership, it is important you verify the account name on your DirecTV subscription. Hence, you must ensure that you check the latest bills to verify the name. In case the account owner is deceased, you will need to locate his relation to prove the account ownership. Then proceed to cancel the subscription.

Validate the Account Name
Validate the Account Name

3. Don't suspend or block your account: When you take the step to cancel your subscription, you will need to contact the service representatives. When you contact any of their agents, they will implore you to block or suspend the account for a specific period. However, you don't need to be convinced. Otherwise, the platform will start deducting your dollars.

4. Customer service representatives do not say the truth at all times: On the DirecTV platform, the customer service representatives try their possible best to convince you by luring you with lucrative offers. If you fall for them, they will continue to deduct your dollars. Hence, you need to make up your mind and focus on the request for the cancelation of your account.

Basic Guides to Cancel Your DirecTV Subscription Plans

DirecTV is a platform that does not offer its subscribers the opportunity to cancel their subscriptions directly. You cannot cancel it through the website or app. Hence, you need to get all the required documents ready. Then put a call through to the customer service representatives to inform them of your intention to cancel your subscription plan. While speaking with the customer service representative, you must give a genuine reason for deciding to cancel your subscription plan. Immediately the customer service representative agrees to your request, the cancelation will be effected within 3-5 working days. Once your subscription is canceled, DirecTV will collect all their tools from you. DirecTV allows you to apply for a refund - in case you still have some subscription on your account. If you are qualified for the refund, it will be initiated by DirecTV's customer service representatives.

1. Collate the Latest Account Information and Bills

When you make up your mind to cancel your DirecTV subscription, the first thing you must do is to collect and collate all the account numbers, recent bills, PINS, and other vital information that is helpful in the cancelation process. In case you don't have a hard copy of these documents, you can search for emails or search your drawers or library.

Collate the Latest Account Information and Bills
Collate the Latest Account Information and Bills

2. Call the Customer Service Representatives

Now that you have all the documents needed at your disposal, then you can prepare to call the customer service representatives. You can make the call in your leisure time. The number of customer service representatives of DirecTV is 1-800-288-2020. Immediately after the call is connected, the reasons for the cancelation can be discussed with the available customer service representative. Then listen carefully and locate the option that gives you access to cancel your service. At this stage, you won't need to go with transferring, billing, technical support, and other details. Just search the Cancel Subscription icon and tap it.

3. Discuss With the Rep and Convince Him

When you put a call through to the customer service representatives department, your call will be received by one of the reps. As soon as you start your conversation with the rep, you will have to explain the reason for calling. Ensure you don't deviate from your point because the rep will do everything possible to convince you so that you change your mind about canceling the plan. They can offer you various largesse like lucrative offers, discount offers, and NFL free tickets.

Hence, you must come up with a genuine reason for deciding to cancel your subscription plan. You can give reasons like moving to a new apartment that DirecTV's service doesn't cover. You can also tell the rep that you are migrating to another country that doesn't have DirecTV service. If these reasons are not suitable for you, you can come up with another one.

4. Return All DirecTV Equipment

Once you succeed in convincing the DirecTV rep, your cancelation request will be processed. When you are newly registered on the DirecTV platform, they send you equipment like remote, receivers, satellite dish, and access cards. These tools excluding the satellite dish should be returned. When you end your subscription, the box will be packed and returned to DirecTV. Ensure all equipment is returned to avoid unnecessary billings.

5. Verify Your Cancellation

Verify Your Cancellation
Verify Your Cancellation

After you have contacted the reps, paid necessary bills, cancellation charges, and returned all the equipment, you need to check to be sure that the subscription is canceled. You can call the rep to verify the cancellation. This step is necessary because the DirecTV technical team can fix your complaint on a separate list.

How You Can Cancel DirecTV Now Streaming Services

The DirectTV Now is a streaming service offered by AT&T without using a dish. In case you desire to cancel the DirecTV Now subscription, you need to follow the simpler steps discussed below.

1. Launch your preferred browser and visit the AT&T Now website.

2. Log into your AT&T Now account.

3. Hit the Avatar icon located on the right side of your PC screen.

4. Hit the User Account icon.

5. Now, tap the Manage My Plan icon.

6. Finally, hit the Cancel Plan icon. Then confirm your decision through the steps displayed on the screen.


Today, I have discussed the trusted methods through which you can cancel your DirecTV subscription. Happy reading!

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