Online Credit Card Validator - What is it? Why do we need it? F.A.Q.

by Claire Berry

The digital world has brought a new method that is safe and secured to business transactions worldwide.

Before now, buyers have to purchase goods and services from physical stores which resulted in limitations in the number of customers that can patronize merchants from other locations. However, the introduction of online payment methods through the use of credit cards has increased the customer base of merchants - because merchants are contacted by customers from different parts of the world. That said, the rapid acceptance of credit cards as a payment method requires the introduction of a validator to avert all forms of fraud. With the use of an efficient online credit card validator, merchants can transact business without any qualms. A credit card validator is developed with excellent and effective features that assist merchants to detect fraud when transacting business with their customers. The importance of an online credit card validator to merchants necessitates the need to discuss all the necessary information you need to know about it. With that said, today, I will be telling you all you should know about online credit card validators, the frequently asked questions, and the best online validators you can use.

What is a Credit Card

A credit card is a payment tool that is a widely accepted payment method on the vast majority of e-commerce and digital platforms. The payment tool contains diverse items of metadata that is important before the payment for goods can be authorized. Some of the important data contained in the credit card are the cardholder name, security code CVV, account number, and expiry date of the card.

What is Online Credit Card Validator

What is Online Credit Card Validator
What is Online Credit Card Validator

An online credit card validator is a tool that is used to check the validity of a credit card number before the payment of goods and services can be authorized. With the credit card validator tool, you will be provided with the vital details of the credit card - with which you can authenticate and verify that the payment card is valid. The credit card validator tool is developed with the Luhn Algorithm checker. The Luhn Algorithm checker helps merchants to validate card numbers by correlating them with data of the Luhn Algorithm. The credit card validator also checks the credit card number length, Issuer Identification Number (IIN), Major Industry Identifier (MII), Bank Identification Number (BIN), and Personal Account Number (PAN). When the checking process is completed, the tool displays a check result that shows the test passed by the credit card information.

Information Checked by Online Credit Card Validators

The vital information on the credit card assists merchants to verify the authenticity and validity of the card before payment is accepted. In this section, I will discuss the vital information checked by the credit card validating tool.

1. Personal Account Number

A personal account number is the digits that starts from the 7th digit to the penultimate digit of the credit card number. For instance, if the credit card number of your card is 529283203281219. Your personal account number will be 20328121 while the checksum number is 9. which indicates your personal account identifier. The check was carried out to validate the account number of the cardholder.

2. Luhn Algorithm

Also known as Mod 10 or Modulus 10, the Luhn Algorithm is an efficient parameter that is used to validate a credit card before merchants proceed to authorize payment. The tool confirms the card number passes the Luhn Algorithm check. Developed by an IBM expert known as Hans Peter Luhn, the algorithm has become an important inclusion in an efficient credit card validator tool. Aside from merchants, web developers have found the Luhn Algorithm useful in validating the credit card number for different e-commerce online platforms. To check credit card validity, you need to use the Luhn formula. The formula helps you to validate payment cards on both server-side or client-side through the use of a wide range of access codes in its database. That said, most users prefer the client-side validation method because it is easier and better to use. It can catch typographical errors effortlessly without any form of frustration on the part of the user.

Steps to Validating Credit Card Number With Luhn Algorithm

1. Enter the card number and drop its final digit.

2. Reverse the credit card numbers entered for the Luhn Algorithm check.

3. Next, multiply the odd numbers of the credit card by two. Once multiplied, you will get a result. Then if the result is higher than 9, you will subtract by 9.

4. Now, carry out the summation of the old and new digits.

5. Finally, carry out the Luhn Algorithm check of the digits. The output obtained from the check must correlate with the last digit of your credit card number before it can pass the checking process.

The steps discussed are highlighted in the table below

Original Number 5 3 9 9 8 3 0 2 2 0 5 6 9 8 5 6
Remove the last digit 5 3 9 9 8 3 0 2 2 0 5 6 9 8 5 x
Inverse the digits 5 8 9 6 5 6 2 2 0 0 8 9 9 3 5 x
Multiply all odd numbers by two 10 8 18 6 10 6 4 2 0 0 16 9 18 3 10 x
Subtract 9 from digits more than 9 1 8 9 6 1 6 4 2 0 0 7 9 9 3 1 x

Addition of the digits = 1 + 8 + 9 + 6 +1 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 7 + 9 + 9 + 2 + 1 = 66

Use Mod 10 = 66 Module 10 = 6. The last digit on the card. The result obtained shows the credit card number is valid.

3. Major Industry Identifier (MII)

The first number on your credit card is called Major Industry Identifier or MII. The MII indicates the status of the financial institution that issued the credit card to the holder. The table below shows the issuer categories.

MII Values Issuer Category
0 TC/ISO 68 and other financial institutions.
1 Airlines
2 Airlines and other related industries.
3 Travel and entertainment
4 Financial and banking institution
5 Financial and banking institution
6 Merchandising and banking institution
7 Petroleum
8 Telecommunication industries
9 National institutions

4. Issuer Identification Number

Also known as a bank identification number, the issuer identification number is found in the first six digits of your credit card number. The issuing financial institution has unique prefixes that are used to identify the BIN or IIN. The BIN number gives relevant information like the issuer details, website, bank name, contact, bank address, and many more

Issuer Card Number Prefix
China T-Union 31
American Express (AmEx) 34, 37
Dankort 5019
China UnionPay 62, 88
Diners Club International (DCI) 36, 38-39, 300-305, 309
InterPayment 636
Discover Card 65, 6011, 644-649, 622126-622925
InstaPayment 637-639
MasterCard 51-55, 2221-2720
Maestro 0604, 6390, 5018, 5020, 5038, 5893, 6763, 6762, 6761, 6304, 6759
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) 3528-3589
RuPay 60, 6521, 6522
Visa Electron 4026, 4405, 4844, 4508, 4917, 4913, 417500
Visa 4
Verve 650002-650027, 506099-506198

5. Card Number Length

Issuers have different number lengths assigned to their credit cards. The table below summarizes the length of some popular issuers of credit cards.

Issuer Credit Card Number Length
China T-Union 19
Dankort 16
China UnionPay 16-19
American Express (AmEx) 15
Diners Club International (DCI) 14-19
InterPayment 16-19
Discover Card 16-19
InterPayment 16
Maestro 12-19
Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) 16-19
RuPay 16
Visa Electron 16
MasterCard 16
Visa 16
Verve 16

Why We Need an Online Credit Card Validator

1. To Avert Fraud

Nowadays, many customers attempt to purchase goods from merchants with a fake credit card or a credit card that has an insufficient fund to complete their transactions. In case you encounter customers with this motive, you can easily detect and prevent their fraudulent action with the use of an online credit card validator.

2. Useful to Developers

Many web geeks specialize in developing responsive e-commerce websites. Hence, they need to integrate an online credit card validator to test the efficiency and effectiveness of the payment system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the online validating tool retain my information?

A: No, the online validating tools do not retain your card details. Once the check is completed, your credit card details are safe from digital thieves.

Q: How efficient is the online validating tool?

A: The online credit card validating tool is highly effective and efficient for merchants and developers.

Q: Is the checking process tedious?

A: The checkup process is easy and straightforward to handle.

Best Online Credit Card Validators

1. FBC's CC Validator

2. CC Validator

3. Credit Card Validator

4. Credit  Card Rush Services


The use of an online credit card validator is efficient in detecting fraud during business transactions. Today, I have discussed all the relevant information you should know about the fantastic tool. Please read through to update your knowledge.

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